3 websites must-haves when planning your new site

Designing a new website for your business is an exciting process. However, it’s easy to get caught up in colour schemes and fancy menus, and to forget about the more practical aspects of website design. Here are three elements you absolutely can’t overlook when planning your new site. 

1. Responsive design 
In March 2015, Google announced that mobile search queries had overtaken desktop searches for the first time in the U.S. Other countries are quickly following suit. More and more online activity is occurring on mobile, so it’s crucial to ensure your site displays correctly on all mobile and tablet devices. Invest in responsive site design that is easy to navigate on any device, and make sure your customers can easily find your call to action and contact details at all times. 

2. Quality content 
Too often, a beautiful site is let down by poor-quality content. Your website is one of your brand’s most important marketing tools, so make sure your content is sending the right messages. All copy should be concise, up to date and error-free. The same goes with visual content – nothing ruins a site faster than daggy ‘90s stock images. Invest in a professional photo shoot or source high-quality photos from a reputable image library. 

3. Consistent branding 
Your website is a major brand touchpoint, so you need to treat it accordingly. If your current branding is looking a little tired consider updating it before you build your new site, so your online presence is as fresh and appealing as possible. If you do make changes to your brand identity in future ensure these are actioned on your site as soon as possible, to ensure consistency across all platforms.

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